The Key Rating System

Bloggers who rate the books they review tend to rate with objects, such as stars, animals, etc. For some odd reason, the first thing I think about when I hear the word "basement" is a key. So I decided to rate my books with keys! Here's a guide to my Key Rating System.

5 keys - Abso-bloody-lutely incredible. Definitely one of my favorite books. This book is as amazing as it gets! I need you to go buy it right away.

4.5 keys - This book was incredibly good! There were minor flaws, but the awesomeness of the book will sort of cancel that out.

4 keys - Great! I liked this book quite a lot and would recommend it.

3.5 keys - It was pretty good. There were parts that I didn't like, but there were parts I did like as well.

3 keys - This book was alright. It wasn't very good, but it wasn't awful.

2.5 keys - This book wasn't really for me.

2 keys - Bad. I don't recommend it. 

1.5 keys - Was an absolute chore to get through! Pretty terrible.

1 key - The lowest rating. Either DNF or just plain horrific.

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