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My name is Sophia and I am a teenage girl who loves books enough to blog about it. Considering you're taking the time to read this, I guess I'll let you know a little bit more about myself. I'm a 15 year old book lover and I live in Texas. I'm currently a freshman in an IB high school. For those that don't know, IB stands for International Baccalaureate. With the IB program as well as my extracurriculars (band, Academic Decathlon, piano, etc.), I've been extremely busy, and haven't been updating the blog as much. I'm sorry about that! Now, I just post when I can. I especially enjoy YA, although I may sometimes dip into the middle grade, and maybe even some classics. Although I am fond of all YA sub-genres, I particularly love dystopian, mythology, and contemporary.

My favorite book is Divergent by Veronica Roth. Like, honestly, I am obsessed. Some girls my age are obsessed with Gossip Girl, or perhaps shopping, but I'm in love with Divergent. How obsessed? Well. I own three copies of Divergent, and three copies of Insurgent. I have a Divergent poster hanging in my room. For Academic Decathlon, I wrote my speech about Divergent (and got a perfect 1000 at a meet!). And... obsessed enough to write a paragraph about it on my About Me page. Yep. I'm that obsessed. It's worrisome. 

I created this book blog some time around April of 2010, but I took it extremely lightly. I'd post about four times a month. Obviously, I wasn't very committed when I first started this blog. Now, I like to say that I am committed to blogging. Or at least, I try to be. Lately, it hasn't been working out. I love blogging, though! I love reading, writing, and reviewing. And come on, who doesn't enjoy meeting others who share the same interest? :) I created The Book Basement to post reviews and interact with others who share my passion for novels.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Book Basement!

If you need to contact me or want to know where you can find me, click here.

Last updated: 29 December 2012.
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