Friday, July 6, 2012

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Publication Date: September 11, 2012
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Format: eGalley
Page Count: 370
SynopsisKami Glass loves someone she’s never met . . . a boy she’s talked to in her head ever since she was born. She wasn’t silent about her imaginary friend during her childhood, and is thus a bit of an outsider in her sleepy English town of Sorry-in-the-Vale. Still, Kami hasn’t suffered too much from not fitting in. She has a best friend, runs the school newspaper, and is only occasionally caught talking to herself. Her life is in order, just the way she likes it, despite the voice in her head.

But all that changes when the Lynburns return.

The Lynburn family has owned the spectacular and sinister manor that overlooks Sorry-in-the-Vale for centuries. The mysterious twin sisters who abandoned their ancestral home a generation ago are back, along with their teenage sons, Jared and Ash, one of whom is eerily familiar to Kami. Kami is not one to shy away from the unknown—in fact, she’s determined to find answers for all the questions Sorry-in-the-Vale is suddenly posing. Who is responsible for the bloody deeds in the depths of the woods? What is her own mother hiding? And now that her imaginary friend has become a real boy, does she still love him? Does she hate him? Can she trust him?
Review: I was expecting something completely different when I first picked this book up after reading the synopsis. Right from the beginning, there's a letter to the reader from the editor, and you know--this book is completely unique.

   This book is a mix of many things. It has tons of humor, a huge mystery, and a fairly small dose of romance. Let me elaborate on the humor. This book is pretty hilarious. The dialogue between characters, especially from our main character Kami, is witty, sarcastic, and I loved it. The mystery is just crazy. Sometimes, I felt like it took the backseat, but overall, it was a huge part of the story. And the romance? The romance drove me insane--especially the ending.

   Kami is a great protagonist. I didn't have powerful feelings towards her, but I liked her wit and her quirkiness. She's determined, intelligent, and entertaining. I didn't specifically love any of the characters. They didn't exactly leap off the pages, but I did like them well enough. Angela and Holly, Kami's friends, are just wonderful additions to the cast--maybe my favorite characters in the book, actually.

   Now, let's get to the Lynburn boys. There's a bit of a love triangle in this book, but Sarah Rees Brennan writes her romance in a very subtle way. I was expecting a lot more of it when I started, but I quickly realized that it wasn't a very big part in the story. Ash is a nice boy, but he's just... boring. Whereas, due to Kami's connection with him, Jared is exciting and intriguing.

   The plot is strangely paced. It starts out consistent, but might slow down a few times. Then near the last quarter of the book, there is just so much going on! Excitement builds, revelations unravel, everything is chaos--and then you get to the ending. And it completely broke my heart. The ending is definitely the opposite of a happily ever after.

   Unspoken is a thrilling mystery that'll either have you laughing or racing to flip the pages. I definitely need to check out the sequel when it comes out!

   4 keys.

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