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An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Publication Date: October 1, 2006
Publisher: Dutton
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 215
SynopsisIn this new novel from the acclaimed author of Looking for Alaska, Colin Singleton always falls for girls named Katherine--and he's been dumped 19 times, to be exact. Letting expectations go and allowing love are in the heart of his hilarious quest to find his missing piece and avenge dumpees everywhere.

Review: Reading The Fault in Our Stars inspired me to reread another one of Green's books. I chose the only one my library had available--An Abundance of Katherines. (Coolest title ever, I think. Only because I have a fondness for the word "abundance.")

   John Green writes humorously. His humor isn't juvenile, though. It's the kind of funny that only becomes funny after you think about it. Actually, his whole writing style is just like that. I can only describe it with the word "intellectual."

   Colin a washed up child prodigy with a broken heart. He has a problem with falling for and getting dumped by girls named Katherine. This has happened exactly 19 times. His best friend, Hassan, drags him out and together, they go on a road trip. Don't be fooled--this isn't a road trip book. But it's still a great book.

   Despite the fact that I find math and trivia interesting, this book had an abundance of it. I got bored sometimes, and I also found some scenes or passages to be unnecessary. However, for the majority, of the book, I liked what was going on.

   I liked all the characters well enough. Colin was relatable and at times admirable. He threw pity parties for himself sometimes, but he also knew when he needed to do something. Hassan was just funny. He was definitely most of the comic relief in the book. I really liked Hollis, Lindsey Lee Well's mother. She was just the sweetest lady ever.

   The character I really didn't like was the love interest, Lindsey Lee Wells. She had too many different personalities, and none of them seemed genuine. She admits this herself, but for me, that wasn't enough. Also, the way she spoke. She sometimes ended her sentences in "yo," so I sat there thinking, "Er. She's a rich girl from Tennessee. Not a thug in a gang." I couldn't connect with her, unfortunately.

   An Abundance of Katherines is a unique, humorous, and intellectual book that will definitely leave an impression on all readers.

   3.5 keys.


  1. I love John Green! :D He is definitely one of my favorite contemporary authors. In fact, I've read every single one of his books, except for this one. My favorite has to be Paper Towns. I'm sorry you didn't really love this one. Hopefully I will when I get to it! Thanks for the awesome review.

    1. I promised myself that I would read every single John Green book... One day... haha, Paper Towns will definitely be my next JG book! Thanks for the rec.

  2. OH yes! Excellent review. I totally agree with you on Lindsey. She just didn't do it for me, even though I really felt she should have. I honestly TRULY wanted Colin to get back together with K-19, just because I though they had more chemistry and suchlike.

    But it was such a GREAT book. Yup. :)

    1. Gah, yes! K-19 and Colin were like peanut butter and jelly. Lindsey just didn't seem right...

  3. Out of all John Green books this one made me laugh the most. It's not the book that makes you feel all the things or puts your mind in overdrive, but it is fun and I really enjoyed it.

  4. I agree--John Green's humor is definitely sophisticated. That's what I love about it! Katherines was probably my least favorite John Green book, though--something about it just didn't capture my attention as much as his other work (could be all the math, like you mentioned). Thanks for the review, Sophia! :)
    - Lauren

  5. Nice review :) Here's mine: Have a nice day!


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