Thursday, December 22, 2011

VOTE ALEX In Today's Tournament!

As many of you may know, YA Sisterhood is hosting a Tournament of Heroines. Today's match is between Alex from the Covenant series and Rose from Vampire Academy. It's going to be a touch match, but I know that with the right support in the #HalfBloodLegion, Alex can pull through!

If you haven't read Half-Blood, here's a little information on Alex and why I want you guys to vote for her.You know, besides the fact that she is just too cool and kick butt. Alex is probably the most kick butt character in YA literature. She can fight, she can retort, she can do basically anything--without strange, paranormal powers. She's determined and she's strong. Also, let's not forget about her hilarious personality! She's a bit like a girl version of Jace from the Mortal Instruments. You know the kind: snarky, feisty and totally funny.

Alex is an awesome heroine because she can fight for herself. I mean, who likes a protagonist to be wimpy and all, "Omg, someone come and save me!!" Bella, anyone? Alex can stand up for herself, and she doesn't need anyone to be her safety net. She's a bit reckless, but when she falls, she immediately gets up and continues to do her thing. She's rebellious, she doesn't like to be restrained by rules, but who does? In fact, Alex is most brave when she's doing something she's not supposed to be doing. She can kill, she can save, she can crack jokes, Alex is basically Super Woman.

VOTE ALEX! Be updated on Alex by following her advocate, Momo, on twitter (@BooksOverBoys) and use these hashtags to start trends (#HalfBloodLegion and #AlexCovenant).


Jennifer L. Armentrout--the amazing creator of Alex and her adventures--has promised a little something something for us voters:

  • If Alex reaches 500 votes, Jennifer will release a steamy scene from Pure. (Teaser: it involves a pool!)
  • If Alex reaches 750 votes, Jennifer will write Chapter 16 of Half-Blood in Aiden's point of view. If you've read Half-Blood, you know what chapter that is. ;)
  • If Alex reaches 1,000 votes, Jennifer will give you guys Chapter 26 of Obsidian in Daemon's point of view.
  • If Alex WINS, Jennifer will write a little novella through Aiden's POV.


Now, you guys, if that's not enough for you to vote for Alex, I don't know what is! VOTE FOR ALEX!! :D

If you've read this whole post, you are amazing and I love you. Oh, you also probably learned a few things about Alex and why she deserves your vote. Of course, if you're still Team Rose, you're kind of crazy I completely understand! But, you know, don't get mad when the daimons come and getcha. ;)


    1. ROTFLMAO! I absolutely love your .gifs! They're freakin' hilarious! :) Thanks for your post!

      Alex for the win!

    2. I like both Rose and Alex! BUT, I think I like Alex just that tiny bit more, so she definitely gets my vote! :)

      Thanks for this post! I hope everyone votes for her so we get those chapters JA has promised. :)


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