Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

Synopsis: 2 girls + 3 guys + 1 house – parents = 10 things April and her friends did that they (definitely, maybe, probably) shouldn't have. 
If given the opportunity, what sixteen-year-old wouldn't jump at the chance to move in with a friend and live parent-free? Although maybe "opportunity" isn't the right word, since April had to tell her dad a tiny little untruth to make it happen (see #1: "Lied to Our Parents"). But she and her housemate Vi are totally responsible and able to take care of themselves. How they ended up "Skipping School" (#3), "Throwing a Crazy Party" (#8), "Buying a Hot Tub" (#4), and, um, "Harboring a Fugitive" (#7) at all is kind of a mystery to them. 
In this hilarious and bittersweet tale, Sarah Mlynowski mines the heart and mind of a girl on her own for the first time. To get through the year, April will have to juggle a love triangle, learn to do her own laundry, and accept that her carefully constructed world just might be falling apart . . . one thing-she-shouldn't-have-done at a time.

   A lot of bloggers loved this book, claiming it was a perfect fluffy read. I disagree, particularly strongly. This book did not wow me and it certainly didn't make me feel like smiling throughout the entire book. In fact, I found this book to be annoying.
   I expected a light and carefree book when I started reading. I did not expect it to be revolved around sex, girls running around in their underwear during the winter, lying, drama and other teen catastrophes. Maybe this is realistic to some teens, but definitely not to any teens I know. However, this book was mildly entertaining. It bugged me, yes, but it also made me laugh at times. Plus, this book was very short and a quick read, which makes it easier on my part.
   The main character, April, was probably the most idiotic girl ever. She didn't know a thing about anything and most of the time, I just wanted to shake her shoulders and scream at her. She was rash and foolish. Although she is a few years my senior, I felt like she was a baby. She complained, she lied, she misunderstood things... I understand that teenagers feel that way, but April seemed to be the epitome of it. Gosh, I feel like I'm just putting down this book, but this is honestly how I felt.
   The secondary characters weren't much better. Vi was very controlling and annoying, not to mention cocky. Marissa was far too passive. I felt that Noah, April's boyfriend, did not even have a personality.
   The plot was very quickly paced, which is one of the few things I enjoyed. This book was a very fast read. I finished it in a day. It was fast and funny. The humor was another thing I liked. I felt like Sarah was a teen as well because of the jokes in this book. They were funny and realistic. I found myself giggling despite some annoying passages.
   Now that I have finished the book, I realize that there was a subtle message throughout, but it was too subtle. It fell short and in the end, I barely even noticed the message.
   In total, Ten Things We Did was an amusing and quick read that may be good for those who are searching for a teen book filled with parties, drinking and sex. Sadly, this book was not for me.
   1.5 keys.


  1. Did you read "Gimme a Call"by the same author? While a lot of other reviews seemed to have loved it, I just found it okay. It seems like I might have the same reaction as you to this title!

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