Monday, September 19, 2011

My One True Pairing

Hey guys! I'm participating in another one of the mini challenges that are going on for Princess Bookie's Contest Craze. Today's mini challenge is being hosted by Jennifer @ My Cute Bookshelf.

My favorite book of 2011, if not ever, is without a doubt, hands down, Divergent by Veronica Roth! I cannot express how much I love Divergent. I've gotten all my friends to read it, and they all love it as well. So, I obviously had to make my OTP a Divergent pairing!

Tris + Four = Complete Magical Unicorns!
I ship Tris and Four so hard!

I think Saoirse Ronan would make an excellent Tris.

I think Matt Lanter would make an awesome Four. 

Why they're my favorite couple: First off, it's not "insta-love," THANK GOODNESS. No. Their relationship is so well thought out and it grows from a friendship of a sort. Four is not the stereotypical brooding, jerk YA male lead. He is just so different... and not to mention, very attractive ;) Tris is such a kick butt character. She's not the damsel in distress who needs someone to save her. She's not even looking for love! But they find it in each other. Through the brutality in Dauntless, they can't hide anything, so their feelings and true personalities are displayed. They're more like best friends, because they're that close. I just love these two characters so much! Ah. Fan girling is over. :)

So that is my One True Pairing! What's yours? :)


  1. I haven't read Divergent, all the hype makes me a little nervous. It's everywhere, though, so I might have to pick it up one of these days :0)

  2. I haven't read this book either but the two people you choose seem like they would make a good couple.

  3. You're right about them not being able to hide anything. I'm so glad you love this match too and I really like your choices for the characters. Ronan was one of my pick too but I decided on Kay. I also think Chloe Moretz would be good too but she's a bit young.

  4. Matt Lanter is the best choise for Four :X:X:X:X
    i like them too and like you i liked the fact that they were first friends and after that a couple :X

  5. I haven't read the book but I love Saoirse Ronan!


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