Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Synopsis: Macy's summer stretches before her, carefully planned and outlined. She will spend her days sitting at the library information desk. She will spend her evenings studying for the SATs. Spare time will be used to help her obsessive mother prepare for the big opening of the townhouse section of her luxury development. But Macy's plans don't anticipate a surprising and chaotic job with Wish Catering, a motley crew of new friends, or ... Wes. Tattooed, artistic, anything-but-expected Wes. He doesn't fit Macy's life at all--so why does she feel so comfortable with him? So ... happy? What is it about him that makes her let down her guard and finally talk about how much she misses her father, who died before her eyes the year before? Sarah Dessen delivers a page-turning novel that carries readers on a roller coaster of denial, grief, comfort, and love as we watch a broken but resilient girl pick up the pieces of her life and fit them back together.
    To be completely honest, I was ready to give up on Sarah Dessen. I mean, my first book of her's was The Lullaby and it was good. I really liked it. Then I tried Someone Like You. I did not like it. It was boring and I hated Macon (or whatever his name was). But since I liked This Lullaby so much, I decided to give her another chance. I picked up Dreamland. Oh my goodness! It was terrible, well, in my opinion. I hated it so much. The plot dragged, Caitlin was so insanely passive, etc.
    But I'm here to talk about The Truth About Forever. I'm not even sure why I picked up this book after my unfortunate opinions of Dessen's other ones. But I did and I'm so, so, so glad. I loved it.
    Macy is a unique character. I like how this book is different since she doesn't seem to realize that she has the pressure of trying to be perfect. She doesn't realize that it's a burden, and that made the story a lot better. Well, Macy doesn't realize it until she talks with Kristy and Wes.
    Oh, Kristy and Wes! I loved their characters so much! Kristy was hilarious, I think. She's got spunk and fashion and humor, she's awesome. Wes. Oh my goodness, Wes. Wes was loveable, immensely so. As I said before, this book was so different than any other teen book out there. I liked how Macy didn't really know that she loved Wes. She really didn't. Because their love wasn't the Oh-My-God-I'm-In-Love, heart soaring love. And it wasn't lust either. It was just the kind of love that is comforting and friendly. I liked that.
    This was a very complex book. There are so many things that are going on at once, and everything is so interesting. This book will have all of Dessen's many fans wishing that the novel was longer, feeling like the characters were their best friends, and hoping to find comfort like Macy does in the end.
    I give this book 4.5 keys.


  1. *Sigh* This book is so fantastic. One of my favourites for sure.

  2. Sarah Dessen touches hearts in yet another amazing teen romance novel. You'll find yourself glued to the pages of this novel and dreaming of a real life Wes. You'll fall in love with the odd characters and places that Sarah Dessen creates.

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