Friday, May 21, 2010

Take Me There by Susane Colasanti

Synopsis: Rhiannon is completely devastated after the breakup with her boyfriend. She wants him back.
    Nicole's ex still wants to be with her, but she's obsessed with someone else.

    James is hopelessly in love with Rhiannon, who doesn't see that their friendship can be so much more.

    Will their desire to take a mean girl down a notch bring these three friends what they want . . . and more?
    This is my first Colasanti book, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. But what I wasn't expecting was such a unique plot with such believable dialogue. The words that come out of the teenagers' mouths are so realistic, you think they're stolen straight from the hallways of high school... kind of.
    When I read the synopsis on the back, I was hooked. But it was vague. The summary, I mean. That's why I didn't see any events coming. It had twists and turns that I would've never thought of.
    Each character has a somewhat unique 'voice'. Rhiannon is devastated and incredibly hurt when she gets dumped by her boyfriend, Steve. I think she's a character a lot of teens out there can relate to. Nicole is such a cute character, I think. Sometimes, she's confused because her mind and her heart are saying two different things. But everyone's like that once in their life. James is one of those characters that are so... different. I mean, he's so many things at once. But I think that's what makes him so lovable.
    But I also hated this book so much! Why? Because I got so, so, so sick of reading, "He was like..." or, "She was all..." or, "I go..."! And, yeah, I know that everyone talks like that in actuality, but that doesn't make it less annoying. Now that I'm typing this and all, I realize that it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But it was! It made the book so much harder to read for me.
    So having that big "thumb's down" up there^, I guess I have to give this book 4 keys.



  1. I have read all of Susane Colasanti's books except for this one. It sounds really great although I can understand your frustration with the language after a little while. I think you'd really enjoy When It Happens, Susane's debut novel. It's my favourite. :)

  2. I am the opposite of Michelle - I haven't read any of Susane Colasanti's books. Whenever I hear about them, they always seem great though, and I love the covers. I better head over to Amazon to add her books to my wishlist!

  3. This was a touching and funny book about three friends and you get to see things from their perspective which is really nice. The dialog is very real and the situations these teens are in is really amazing. They all have issues to deal with and there is some talk of rape and abuse, but its only glimpsed. Susane Colasanti keeps everything rolling and does not dwell on the negative, just uses it for effect and then keeps going.

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