Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

    Yes, I know I'm pretty late with this blog and stuff, but whatever. Better late than never, right? So what do I think of the Twilight Saga?
    I think it's wonderful. I'm not a big, die-hard fan-girl, but I'm not a hater, either. Stephenie Meyer's vocabulary is incredible and the plot is amazing, also. I don't find anything wrong with any part of the book so I don't know why people are hating on the books. I give it 4.5 keys.
    I don't like Bella much. She seems a little whiney and clingy. I mean, well, I guess I put that too harshly. Because I like Bella, I really do. But I don't like her in certain situations. But I can totally relate to her, you know?
    Edward is not one of my favorite characters either. He's overprotective and when I was re-reading Twilight one day, I found that he was rather rude to Bella. And I'm not even talking about the beginning where it's all, "Let's not be friends." I'm talking about while they're actually together.
    New Moon is definitely my favorite (to my friends's disgusts).
    Eclipse is the book where I strongly dislike Bella.
    Breaking Dawn was good, but it didn't meet my expectations. But what're you gonna do? Stephenie Meyer can't please everyone with one book.
    But if you like romance, action, and, of course, vampires, then Twilight away! It's all for you!


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